Essentials of a successful
lease abstraction project

When it comes to lease portfolio management, there are many moving parts. At the core of it all lie your lease abstracts, which capture the essence of your leases by summarizing the key financial and non-financial clauses therein. With quick and easy access to crucial lease information, lease abstracts help you stay on top of your lease portfolio at any time.

This whitepaper discusses the perspective, processes and resources needed to manage your lease abstraction project successfully, while highlighting the areas that you should focus on when setting up your lease abstraction process.

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Download this whitepaper to learn more about-

  • The groundwork needed to start your lease abstraction project
  • The ideal times/situations to embark on a lease abstraction project
  • What you need to do to ensure your leases are abstracted right, the first time
  • The complexities of multilingual lease abstraction and how you can overcome them
  • How you can create winning lease abstract templates
  • How to optimize lease data for maximum leverage
  • The factors you should consider BEFORE investing in a lease management software
  • How you can build a winning partnership with your lease abstraction/administration partner
  • What lease abstraction model is right for you
  • The on-going nature of lease administration and how it can impact you