AI-powered Lease Abstraction Software: LeaseAi

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to elevate
your lease abstraction process

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Introducing LeaseAi by RE BackOffice

Built by RE BackOffice, LeaseAi is a sophisticated AI (Artificial intelligence) powered, state-of-the-art, smart lease abstraction software that can help increase the efficiency of your lease abstraction process.

Infuse speed, efficiency & quality into your lease abstraction process with RE BackOffice's automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi and best-in-class, 2-step, quality review process.

How do you benefit from engaging RE BackOffice and our automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi to manage your lease abstraction process?

Superior lease abstract accuracy and timeliness through automated lease abstraction powered by LeaseAi and our 2-step quality review process

Scale up your lease portfolio management without a corresponding rise in costs by automating the lease abstraction process to a large extent

Stay on top of your lease portfolio by ensuring all new leases and/or amendments are abstracted in a timely manner

Increase the overall efficiency of your lease management process

Key features of our
automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi

Our automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi provides an enhanced document management experience thanks to its innovative data identification and machine learning capabilities that automatically categorize lease documents into various pre-approved buckets

LeaseAi integrates with all leading lease administration software platforms for one-click lease data exchange

Import your lease data from legacy systems easily into our automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi. It also supports lease data exports in various formats including XML, TXT, DOC, PDF, CSV, XLS, to name a few

Our automated lease abstraction software, LeaseAi, comes with leading data security, audit trails, version control and change tracking capabilities

LeaseAi has strong search capabilities that ensure you have timely access to critical lease abstract data at your fingertips