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15+ years of consistently delivering
exceptional service to our
valued clients and partners.

ReboLease.com, powered by RE BackOffice Inc. (REBO):

RE BackOffice is a premier provider of lease abstraction, administration, and accounting services. A global boutique firm, we provide high-quality services to top-tier clients across industry verticals, covering every type of lease and on any lease platform. All projects are performed in-house. We are proud to be a trusted partner, for 15+ years, to leading retailers, REITs, property owners/managers, and corporate accounts seeking a strategic advantage. Whether abstracting a portfolio of leases or providing comprehensive lease administration or accounting services, RE BackOffice is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality services and optimal ROI to our clients.

At RE BackOffice, we are celebrating 15 years of consistently delivering exceptional service to our valued clients and partners. We extend our sincerest gratitude to our talented and energetic REBO team and to our valued clients and partners who continue to place their trust in us and their lease portfolios in our hands. We are only getting started...here’s to the next 15+ years!

Clients choose us when

  • Partnering with a trusted 3rd party service provider is a critical part of reaching FASB/IASB
    lease accounting compliance - successfully, affordably, and on-time.
  • Lease-related expertise is required:
    • Lease audit and lease abstraction expertise
    • Proven project management capabilities
    • In-depth lease software knowledge across leading platforms
    • Multi-language translation capabilities
    • Streamlined lease administration processes
    • 15 years of knowledge and experience
  • There is pressure to meet critical timelines with limited resources
  • There is a chronic shortage of resources and the workload is overwhelming
  • Looking to enhance operational efficiency and save money without compromising quality

What do we believe in?

We strongly believe that the best partnerships are built on trust, open communication, and a sincere commitment to long-term success.

We work to fuel our growth through innovation, hard work and delivering quality output and service to our clients.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients and employees by playing a key role in their professional success and growth.

A technology-driven approach to services

We believe technology is key to a successful service model and deploy AI, as well as other core technologies, as an integral part of our standard operating procedures. Our in-house tech team works to continually enhance our technological capabilities. Their commitment and results allow us to deliver greater efficiencies to our clients.

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