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and accurate CAM Reconciliation

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No more missed CAM savings! RE BackOffice can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year through accurate CAM audit and reconciliation services.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges constitute a significant financial element of commercial leases. Even a minor mistake in CAM computations can translate into losses running into hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if you have a large lease portfolio. At RE BackOffice, we've been CAM reconciliation experts since 2006. We understand the pressure during CAM season and the potential pitfalls in the process. Our seasoned team ensures accurate CAM reconciliations, helping you unlock substantial savings.

CAM season chaos can
lead to mistakes that cost a fortune!

CAM season shouldn't be a nightmare for your in-house team, but most in-house lease administration teams are often overwhelmed, especially during the CAM season. Overworked and stressed, they may make costly mistakes or overlook vital details that impact your bottom line. Inaccurate reconciliations, missed critical data, and human errors can cost you dearly! This is where our experts at RE BackOffice step in, alleviating the pressure and ensuring every reconciliation is accurate and cost-effective.

As a part of our CAM Audit Services, we offer the following-

  • CAM Charges reconciliation
  • Insurance charges reconciliation
  • Real estate taxes reconciliation
  • Invoice processing & audits
  • Follow-ups with landlords/tenants to correct overcharging/underpayment

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