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It's the season to be jolly…why let “seasonal hire” paperwork be your folly!

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We all know how crazy busy the holidays can be - and even more so if you are in the retail industry. All the additional hiring for the holiday season brings with it a mountain of HR/payroll paperwork to be sorted and processed in a timely manner. Tight deadlines and resource shortages only add to the challenge (and stress!) for your payroll department, as they tackle this seasonal spike in workload.

RE BackOffice solves the “seasonal hire” workload crunch with ease, accuracy, and affordability. Our payroll management services have helped retailers, just like you, navigate this temporary back-office workload crunch. Why not consider the gift of reliable help during this busy holiday season and let your payroll team be jolly too!

We wish you much success this holiday season!

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Starting at $10/Offer Letter